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wandering the world of technology

wandering the world of technology



Amoxicillin For Sale

November 24th, 2012 · No Comments

When I bought my Toyota Prius in 2006 it was pretty much at the forefront of Red Volt Amoxicillin For Sale, automotive technology.  The Prius had a modestly sized battery and an ingenious hybrid drive system which used its efficient gasoline engine to both drive the car and to help keep the battery charged.   That hybrid system allowed the Prius to deliver great gas mileage in a package which had a surprising amount of interior room while offering the driver a good ride and an extensive array of creature comforts.

The Prius wasn’t an electric car, Amoxicillin without a prescription, Buy Amoxicillin without prescription, though – after all, you didn’t plug it in.  Ever.  It was more of a gasoline-powered car which cleverly used a battery and electric motors to add additional efficiency to the engine.  You couldn’t run the Prius using only its battery unless you “hacked” the car (you can find my article on that here) and, Amoxicillin without prescription, Order Amoxicillin from United States pharmacy, even then, its electric range was quite limited because of the small size of its battery, Amoxicillin steet value. Online buy Amoxicillin without a prescription, When it came time to trade in my Prius I looked at a number of energy-efficient vehicles but they all seemed to have flaws which kept them from being the ideal vehicle for me.  There are now hybrid vehicles which have a plug-in option but, even with their larger batteries, rx free Amoxicillin, Where can i buy Amoxicillin online, still have a fairly limited all-electric range.  There are also all-electric vehicles with a larger electric driving range but, since they are all-electric, cheap Amoxicillin, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, they can only travel so far from a charging station.

There is also another class of vehicle, Amoxicillin from canadian pharmacy, Buy Amoxicillin no prescription, the “extended range electric vehicle” class, and it has only one member: the Chevrolet Volt.   Let’s find out what that means, effects of Amoxicillin, Amoxicillin australia, uk, us, usa, how its different than the other vehicles, and why those differences convinced me to trade in my Prius for a Volt, Amoxicillin results. Buy generic Amoxicillin,

Chevrolet Volt Basics

The Chevrolet Volt, like traditional hybrid vehicles, Amoxicillin cost, Amoxicillin duration, has a battery, electric motors which can propel the car, comprar en línea Amoxicillin, comprar Amoxicillin baratos, Amoxicillin for sale, a battery pack which store electricity, and a gasoline engine, after Amoxicillin.

The battery pack in the Volt is around 16.6 kWH, which is much larger than the battery found in traditional hybrid vehicles, even those in the newer plugin hybrids.  The battery is not as large as the batteries found in all-electric vehicles, however, and, because of that, the all-electric range of the Volt is less than that of an all-electric vehicle.  The Volt can go about 38 miles on a full charge, on average (the range in warmer weather seems to be in the mid 40’s and the range in cold weather is in the low 30’s) before it begins to use its gasoline engine.   The battery can be fully charged from a normal 110V wall outlet in about 10 hours.  Those users who install an optional 240V charger can fully charge the Volt in about 4 hours, Amoxicillin For Sale. Discount Amoxicillin, Using only the gasoline engine the Volt gets about 37 mpg but using the gasoline engine by itself is not how the Volt is designed to be used.  In fact, it’s the way that the Volt uses its battery and its gasoline engine that distinguishes it from traditional hybrids, where can i buy cheapest Amoxicillin online. Purchase Amoxicillin for sale,

Extended range vs. Hybrid

Chevrolet has always been quite insistent that the Volt is not just another hybrid and, canada, mexico, india, Amoxicillin dosage, depending on how narrow a definition you give to the term “hybrid”, they may be right, Amoxicillin street price. Amoxicillin from mexico, A traditional hybrid like the Prius uses a gasoline engine to directly propel the car, to charge the battery so that its electric motors have the electricity which they need to propel the car, Amoxicillin pics, Amoxicillin over the counter, or to do both. Amoxicillin For Sale, Under normal circumstances the Volt doesn’t use its gasoline engine to directly propel the car but, instead, uses it to generate electricity, and allows its electric motors to propel the car.  In fact, the Volt’s gas engine usually doesn’t even turn on until its batteries are completely drained.  This, too, is a difference between a hybrid and the Volt --  a hybrid uses its gasoline engine to help keep its battery charged while the Volt uses its gasoline engine only after its battery has been completely used up and doesn’t use the gas engine to recharge the battery at all.

[There is a situation, buy cheap Amoxicillin no rx, Online Amoxicillin without a prescription, however, where the Volt actually uses the gas engine to directly drive the wheels.  I’d said before that, buy Amoxicillin from canada, Purchase Amoxicillin, under normal circumstances, the gas engine doesn’t turn on until the battery has been depleted.  That’s true, Amoxicillin forum, but the Volt also has access to a reserve portion of the battery which still contains power after the battery gauge reads “empty” and which it can use when the demand for power exceeds what the gas-powered engine’s generator is capable of producing (for example, maintaining highway speeds up a very long, steep hill).  If that reserve portion of the battery is exhausted and the demand for power is too great for the generator then the engine will actually drive the wheels directly just like in every other hybrid.]

The typical Volt drive

You could drive a Volt without ever plugging the car in and you’d get about 37mpg (according to the EPA).  That doesn’t really make use of the Volt’s strengths, though.  To do that you need to plug the car in to charge up the battery.

The Volt assumes that your driving day is going to begin with a fully charged Volt This Chargebattery.  In fact, the screen which provides the most information about the Volt’s electricity usage and mileage is titled “This Charge”.  As you begin to drive the Volt (assuming that you’re in “Normal” mode) you will begin to use the electricity stored in the Volt’s battery.  Once you deplete the battery (usually at around 38 miles) the gas engine will automatically start up and, through its generator, will continue to supply electricity to the Volt’s motors.  At this point the car behaves like a “normal” car in the sense that you’re using your gasoline engine to run the car.    That gasoline engine isn’t directly connected to the drive wheels, though – it’s job is only to turn the generator to generate the electricity which the motor can use to drive the wheels.  You’ll drive in this configuration until you plug the Volt into a charger and the battery gets charged up again.

Performance, comfort, and amenities

One of the nice things about the Volt is that you don’t really have to pay any attention to the technical details about the battery, the engine, or the drivetrain.  You can just get in, hit the Start button, and go.  And as impressive as the Volt is from an engineering perspective, it’s equally impressive from a performance and comfort perspective.

The Volt wasn’t designed to be a luxury cruiser or a sports car but, compared to my old Prius, it feels like both.  The Volt is surprisingly quick off the line for a car which weighs in at about 3,800 lbs (that big battery adds weight) and, in spite of that weight, can turn in a 0-60 time of about 8.5 seconds, no doubt thanks to its 273 ft/lbs of torque.   The handling is pretty tight, the ride is quite comfortable, and the suspension does a very good job of smoothing out the bumps.

2012 Chevrolet VoltThe interior of the Volt is quite nice and the displays look like something from the bridge of Star Trek.  There’s a lot of information about the operation of the Volt accessible to the driver but it’s laid out in such a way that its pretty easy to understand.   The seats are comfortable and supportive and the optional leather has a high-quality feel to it.


The Chevrolet Volt is a wonderful piece of engineering designed in a way to make it a good fit for a wide variety of driving needs.  It has an infinitely larger range than a pure electric vehicle and its gasoline-only performance is at least in the same general area as that of a mid-sized hybrid.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are driving fewer than 40 miles per day and you can plug the Volt in overnight then it may just be the perfect vehicle for you.  If you drive more than 40 miles per day then you’ll have to rely on the Volt’s gasoline engine to help out with some of that distance but, again, that’s exactly why the Volt was designed to do.

If you’re in the market for a fuel efficient vehicle I’d encourage you to stop by your Chevy dealer and take a Volt for a test drive.  I think you’ll be very surprised at what the engineers at Chevrolet have been able to accomplish.

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Buy Retin-A Without Prescription

December 20th, 2011 · No Comments

It seems like just yesterday that I started talking about the new “Watch it Now” streaming service from Netflix (you can read that original article here).  Netflix Buy Retin-A Without Prescription, In fact, it’s been about 5 years since that article first appeared and, like everything else in the world of technology, things in the world of Netflix streaming have changed dramatically since then.  Let’s take a look at how things started, how they’ve changed, and where they may be headed. About Retin-A,


Back in early 2007 the ability to stream Netflix videos was a bit of a novelty and was only available using Internet Explorer while sitting in front of a PC.  Now, just a few short years later, Retin-A wiki, Retin-A trusted pharmacy reviews, that software is embedded in practically every television set, DVD or Blu-Ray player, Retin-A treatment, Online buying Retin-A hcl, and gaming console that you can buy, as well as in stand-alone products like the Roku.  I took a quick inventory of my own living room and came up with this list of the ways that I can watch Netflix streaming on my TV right now:

  • Built into my Sharp TV

  • Sony Playstation 3

  • Microsoft XBox 360

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Roku video player

Not long ago I was limited to using Internet Explorer on my PC if I wanted to stream Netflix and now, low dose Retin-A, Cheap Retin-A no rx, 5 short years later, virtually every device hooked up to my TV (not to mention the TV itself) can do the job.  That’s amazing, Retin-A price. Order Retin-A from mexican pharmacy, And Netflix is now also available on platforms which didn’t even exist or were just in their infancy 5 years ago: smartphones, tablet PCs, buy no prescription Retin-A online, Retin-A pharmacy, and “pads” all have the ability to stream Netflix video.  That’s even more amazing.


Back in 2007 the Netflix streaming catalog was much smaller than it is today and mainly consisted of older-catalog movies and 20 or 30 year-old television shows.  Netflix has been hard at work over those intervening years trying to shore up its service and has added newer, ordering Retin-A online, Where can i cheapest Retin-A online, even if still not the newest, content, Retin-A blogs. Buying Retin-A online over the counter, While they’ve added content on both the television series and theatrical release sides of the service they’ve had much more success in getting the streaming rights to more recent television shows added to the lineup than they have in getting the streaming rights to newer movies.   I’m sure that has to do with the fact that the big media companies simply didn’t anticipate the amount of interest that there would be in streaming videos through Netflix and, as a result, order Retin-A no prescription, Retin-A schedule, sold the streaming rights to those shows to Netflix at a price that Netflix could afford without raising the rates they were charging subscribers.

In fact, I think Netflix’s ability to get their software onto so many different devices so quickly has made the streaming portion of their business much more popular than it would have otherwise been and that fact has gotten the attention of those same media companies that originally sold the streaming rights to Netflix at a reasonable cost.  Once those original streaming contracts ended the content providers decided to charge Netflix much more for the rights to their content, to the point that Netflix was backed into a corner, Buy Retin-A Without Prescription.


In 2011 Netflix had a difficult decision to make.  If they wanted to keep the same amount of content available to their users they would have to pay the content owners much more, Retin-A dangers, Buy Retin-A online no prescription, and if they paid the content owners much more they would be forced to raise their prices.  The alternative would be to not pay those higher prices for streaming rights and watch their streaming catalog get smaller and smaller.  Netflix chose the former.

In hindsight the decision was probably the correct one but they way that it was implemented was an unmitigated disaster.  Instead of simply explaining the situation and slowly raising their rates to handle the added expenses Netflix decided to suddenly double their rates and tell the users that they had simply been paying too little for their streaming service all along, Retin-A samples. Retin-A natural, As if the price increase wasn’t problematic enough they also decided to split the business into two separate entities: the streaming service would still be called Netflix and the DVD-rental service would be an independent entity named Flixster.  Users could choose one or the other for the price they had been paying or they could choose both services but pay double the price they had been paying.

Needless to say those choices haven’t gone over well with users.  Netflix has since abandoned the idea of splitting the service into two entities and has tried, where can i find Retin-A online, Retin-A reviews, at least a bit, to explain the reasoning for the price increase but the damage which those decisions has caused is going to be difficult, australia, uk, us, usa, Retin-A no rx, if not impossible to repair.

The Future

So what does the future hold for Netflix?  Well, Retin-A pictures, Buy Retin-A from mexico, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the content providers are going to try to squeeze more and more money out of Netflix for the rights to stream their services.  They simply point to the number of Netflix users streaming videos and the prices that those users are willing to pay as examples that their content has been undervalued.

Netflix has said over and over again that their future is going to be more and more about streaming and less and less about physical DVD rental business so they are going to have to try to find some happy medium that satisfies the content holders, Retin-A dose, Retin-A online cod, their streaming service customers, and their bottom line.  Maybe they can convince the content holders that they’re being fairly compensated for their content.  Maybe they can convince their customers that they need to pay more money for the same amount of content that they get now or pay the same as they do now but receive Iess content.   Meanwhile, where to buy Retin-A, Online buying Retin-A, the shareholders are grumbling as Netflix loses subscribers and is spending a lot of money to get into markets in other areas of the world.

They say that the future is going to be televised.  Netflix is betting that it’s also going to be streamed.  I think that, Retin-A description, Is Retin-A safe, for Netflix, the next 5 years are going to be even more interesting to watch than the last 5 years have been, comprar en línea Retin-A, comprar Retin-A baratos. Online buying Retin-A, .

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December 16th, 2011 · No Comments

A few years ago I’d written about a product called the HDHomeRun by a company named Silicon Dust and the benefits of having your TV tuners out on your home network (you can find that article here.)  That device contained 2 HD tuners and could tune in hd_prime_pic_rev3 Buy Zithromax Without Prescription, over-the-air channels or channels that your cable provider didn’t encrypt (ATSC/QAM) and make those channels available to a variety of devices on your home network.  It worked great but, in the intervening years, has become less and less useful to viewers who get their television from cable providers as cable providers have encrypted more and more of their channels.  As I’d noted in my previous article, what’s really needed is an HDHomeRun which could use a CableCard to tune in those encrypted channels.  I’d also mentioned that I didn’t think that such a device would ever be available.  Fortunately, I was wrong.  Let’s take a look at the CableCard-ready HDHomeRun Prime.

Needless to say, it's the inclusion of a CableCard slot in the HDHomeRun Prime which really distinguishes it from the original HDHomeRun.  You can use the HDHR Prime without a CableCard and it will, like its predecessor, be able to tune in OTA and unencrypted QAM channels from your cable provider (assuming that your cable provider still has unencrypted channels).   Drop in an activated CableCard from your cable provider, however, and the HDHomeRun will be able to tune in all of the channels which you’re authorized to get from your cable company.

The other major difference between the original HDHR and the HDHR Prime is the number of tuners.  There are actually two different versions of the HDHR Prime – one with 3 tuners and one with 6 tuners.  And, if that’s not enough, you can always add more that one HDHR Prime to your home network. 

Limitations for Sage Tv and mythtv

The HDHR Prime is compatible with a number of popular computer-based DVR solutions such as Windows Media Center, Sage TV, and MythTV, but there are some limitations to what it can do if you’re not using Windows Media Center (“WMC”, included in Windows Vista and Windows 7).

When your cable company transmits a show it also transmits a flag that identifies certain restrictions which your cable company has put on the show which control how, or even if, you are able to record that show.  Pay-per-view shows, for instance, are almost always marked as “copy never”, meaning that you can’t record the show at all – you can only watch the show “live”.  Other shows may be flagged as “copy once”, meaning that you’re able to record the show but can’t make a recording of that recording.  The least-restrictive flag is “copy freely” which means that there are no restrictions at all of the recording of the show.

None of the software mentioned above will record a show with a “copy never" flag so WMC, Sage TV, and MythTV are all on equal footing there.  The problem that the non-WMC software runs into is with the “copy once” flag.  Microsoft has made sure that everything recorded with WMC includes DRM (digital rights management) information that guarantees that those shows won’t be able to be copied a second time.  Since Sage TV and MythTV can’t make that same guarantee they aren’t allowed to record shows marked with the “copy once” flag.

How much this would impact a Sage TV or MythTV user depends on how many shows their local cable provider is marking as “copy once”.  If the provider is setting the “copy freely” flag for all of the shows then there won’t be any impact at all.  Many providers will, at the very least, flag shows on premium channels as “copy once” but, beyond that, may also set that flag for other shows and those shows can’t be recorded within Sage TV or MythTV.

Build your own DVR and tell your cable company to keep their box

Users who are using Windows Media Center with their HDHR Prime don’t face those “copy once” limitations and can record all of their shows within WMC.   Playing those show back on a computer may be fine for some users but, for those of us who are accustomed to watching TV shows on a TV, there is a solution that uses hardware which you might already own.

Every XBox 360 has a piece of software built into it know as “Windows Media Center extender”.  That software allows the XBox 360 to “talk” to the computer running Windows Media Center and to display the WMC interface through the XBox and onto the TV.  For the purposes of viewing live and recorded television shows the experience is really no different on the XBox than it is on the computer.  You can even set the XBox 360 to launch the WMC extender by default when it turns on so that you don’t even have to interact with the 360’s dashboard at all.  Users with the HDHR Prime, a semi-modern Windows PC, and an XBox 360 really can tell their cable company to just keep their box.

Then again, you may still want to keep that box

So, if the HDHR Prime can record everything and we can use an XBox 360 to watch all of our TV shows on our TV, why would we want to keep the cable box?  There are two services that the HDHR Prime can’t provide for you: pay-per-view and on-demand (streaming).  If you are a regular user of each of those services you’re still going to need a box from your cable company.  You may be able to save a few bucks on your monthly bill by trading in your DVR for a box without any recording capabilities but you’re still going to need their box if you’re planning to watch shows on pay-per-view or on-demand.


The HDHR Prime certainly addresses the major shortcoming with the original HDHR – a shortcoming which has gotten larger and larger as cable companies have encrypted more and more of their channels.  The Prime also adds a third tuner (of 4 more tuners for the larger model), just in case you just can’t record TV shows quickly enough. 

For users who already have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC and an XBox 360 you’re already one HDHR Prime away from setting up your own fully-functional DVR.  And if you currently use a DVR from your cable company and you never watch pay-per-view or on-demand services you can pretty much replace that DVR with the HDHR Prime/PC/360 combination.  

Any way you want to look at it the HDHR Prime is a long-awaited improvement to an already-great piece of hardware.

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Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription

February 21st, 2010 · 5 Comments

Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription, Just a few short years ago NetFlix was only in the DVD rental business.  Things have changed during those years, though, and Netflix members can now stream content across the internet using just about every device in their living room instead of waiting for those shiny disks to show up in their mailbox.

I’d previously written a post about what the NetFlixnetflix[1] streaming service was and how it worked (you can read that post here).  When I’d written that post you could only watch NetFlix video streams on a computer.  Now there are so many different ways to stream that content that I thought I'd take a minute to list the different ways that I watch NetFlix right in my living room right now.  This isn't meant to be an exhaustive list by any means, but just an example of how pervasive this ability to stream movies and TV shows has become.  Here, then, in no particular order, are the ways that I can watch NetFlix in my own living room.

Roku Digital Video Player

roku_netflix_01_425-783960[1] The Roku Digital Video Player is a small box which hooks up to your TV to access the NetFlix library over the internet.  When it was first released its sole purpose was to stream NetFlix video but the folks at Roku have been busy and there are now a slew of additional content sources for the Roku.  (I’ll be writing a post on those new channels soon.)

For a lot more information on the Roku Digital Video Player you can read my original post here.

Playstation 3

You have two options when it comes to watching NetFlix content using a PS3.  The first (and simplest) is to request a disk from NetFlix which will connect your PS3 to your NetFlix account.  For now, at least, that disc has to be in the PS3 to stream the content but a future firmware update is supposed to eliminate that requirement and put a link to NetFlix right on the XMB.

ps3_front_main[1]You can also use the PS3’s UPnP capabilities to connect to a PlayOn server and access your NetFlix content that way.  Like the Roku box, using PlayOn gives you other content options in addition to the NetFlix streams.  For a more detailed look at PlayOn please see my previous post here.

Windows Media Center

win7-mediacenter-netflix[1] If you’re running Windows Vista (Home Premium or Ultimate editions) or Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions) you have access to your NetFlix streams through the NetFlix tile under the Movies option.

XBox 360

Like the Playstation 3, the XBox 360 can access the NetFlix streaming service directly (through its dashboard) and indirectly (using PlayOn).  Unlike the PS3, though, the NetFlix access  is built right into the dashboard.  Also unlike the PS3, unfortunately, you have to have a Microsoft Live Gold membership to be able to use that NetFlix capability.

microsoft-xbox-360-elite[1]The XBox 360 can also act as a UPnP client and can access UPnP servers such as PlayOn.  If you have an XBox 360 but you aren’t paying for a Live Gold membership this may a way to get to your NetFlix content.

The XBox 360 has one additional way to get to those NetFlix streams.  All XBox 360s can act as Media Center extenders and can act as a front-end to any computer in your house which is running one of the newer flavors of Media Center (see above).    While you can use this Media Center Extender capability to access most of the features of Media Center you can’t use it to access the NetFlix tile.

As always, there are ways to get around that particular problem.  There are two extensions for Media Center which extend NetFlix access to a Media Center Extender:  vmcNetFlix (read my post on that here) and vmcPlayIt.

Computer Hooked to TV

If you have a laptop or other PC you may also be able to connect those computers directly to your TV.  Newer televisions make it much easier to connect a computer and, even better, many newer computers include an HDMI output so that your television sees your computer in the same way that it sees your DVD player or your cable box – as just another video source.

Other Options

nintendo_wii_1[1] That a pretty extensive list of ways to get that NetFlix content onto your television and that list only includes the ways that I personally have access to.  The NetFlix website lists a bunch of additional hardware which has its viewing software already loaded, including televisions (LG, Sony, and Vizio), Blu-Ray players (Insignia, LG, Samsung, and Sony), and TiVo.  Even Nintendo has announced that it’s Wii video game system will have NetFlix streaming capabilities by the end of the year.

The Future is Streaming

It’s pretty apparent that NetFlix sees streaming as its future and is trying to get its streaming software onto as many different types of hardware as possible.  TV’s, video game consoles, TiVo’s – pretty much whatever is connected to your television can, or soon will be able to, stream NetFlix content.  Considering the strides that they’ve made towards that end in just the last few years I don’t doubt that they’ll succeed.

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Zithromax For Sale

February 2nd, 2010 · 2 Comments

Electricity prices are only heading in one direction -- up.  You may have already taken some steps to try to get your electric bill back under control.  Maybe you've replaced your old incandescent light bulbs with new CFL bulbs.  imageCFL bulbs make it easy to see their potential savings because they tell you right on the package how many watts they use compared to your old bulbs.  But some of the bigger electricity users in your house can't be measured so easily.

Zithromax For Sale, Look at your clothes dryer, for example.  How much electricity does it use?  Sure, you may know how much it was supposed to cost you each year when you bought it ten years ago, but how much is it using now?  How about your water heater?  Would it pay to replace it with a newer, more efficient model?  How about your central air conditioner?  Is it better to keep your house at a constant temperature while you're at work or is it better to let it warm up and then cool it back down when you get home?

You get a bill each month that shows how much electricity you used but that's not really enough information to tell you what to blame for that check that you have to write. Now there's a way to see how much those appliances are costing you.  Its name is TED ("The Energy Detective").  Let's check it out.

Introducing TED

imageThe TED 5000 is a whole-house electricity monitoring system made by Energy, doses Zithromax work, Rx free Zithromax, Inc.  It's not considered a so-called "smart meter" because it doesn't replace your current electric meter and it doesn't send any usage data back to the utility company.  It does, however, where can i find Zithromax online, Zithromax online cod, give you what is arguably the most important benefit of a smart meter -- detailed information about your electricity usage.  The idea behind providing this information is that consumers will conserve more energy if they are provided with more detailed data about their electricity usage, just as drivers with real-time mileage displays in their cars will often use less gas if they can see how their driving style affects their current mileage.

TED5000-Cveryfinal[1] There are 3 basic components to the TED 5000:

1) the MTU, Zithromax pharmacy, Zithromax treatment, which sits inside of your breaker box and monitors the amount of power being used by the entire house each second .  The MTU is connected to two CT’s (“Current Transformers”) which loop around your two incoming 120V lines

2) the Gateway, which can sit almost anywhere in your house, Zithromax long term, Is Zithromax addictive, receives the usage data from the MTU, and provides a web-based front-end to that data

3) the optional display device, discount Zithromax, Zithromax duration, which also receives usage data and can display all types of information on its small LCD screen.

Installing TED

Installing TED certainly is not as complicated as installing a smart meter but may still be a bit overwhelming to someone who is not comfortable working around their house's breaker box.  If you are one of those users you can always get an electrician to help you out.  If you are a bit more adventurous and have at least a basic understanding of how electricity flows through your house then the installation of TED is pretty straight-forward.


The MTU unit needs to be installed at the breaker box.  The MTU's purpose is to be able to monitor the usage coming through each of the 110 volt lines which make up the typical 220 volt residential service.  You'll have first to cut power to the house by throwing the "main" and then take the cover off the panel.  Once the cover is off you'll need to position the 2 CT's around the two 110 lines that come into the breaker box.  There are also 3 other wires which need to be connected inside of the box: one to a breaker on the first phase, one to a breaker on the second phase, Zithromax mg, Zithromax pics, and one to the neutral bar.  You can do this by adding two new breakers to the box (one on each phase) or, if you already have a breaker that spans the two phases (like for a dryer, order Zithromax online c.o.d, Zithromax recreational, for instance) you can just piggy-back the first two wires on top of that.  Before you put the cover back onto the breaker box it's probably a good idea to write down the 6-digit number found on the back of the MTU -- you'll need it later on.  Flip the power back on and take a look at the MTU.  If it's hooked up properly you'll see a light flashing every 1 or 2 seconds.  Turn off the power again, put the cover back on the box, where can i buy Zithromax online, Zithromax used for, and flip the power back on.

The Gateway

The second component which needs to be installed is the Gateway.  The Gateway needs to be plugged into a wall outlet and it needs to be hooked up to your computer's router (or into a network connected to a router).

TED5000-Cveryfinal[1]While it is possible to hook the Gateway up directly to a computer it's much easier to configure if it's able to use a router (the Gateway will get its IP address and subnet from the router's DHCP).  After you plug the Gateway in it should start to receive telemetry from the MTU through its power cord and you should see its light to start to blink.

Configuring TED

Now that we have the MTU and the gateway installed and on our home network it's time to configure TED.  We do that through TED's web-based interface.  This is where we tell TED what that 6-digit number on the back of our MTU is (and, if you have one, Zithromax wiki, After Zithromax, what the code for your display device is) in order to pair it to the gateway.  The configuration screens also walk you through basic settings like your time zone and zip code (used to grab that day’s weather forecast).

This is also where we tell TED about how we're billed for electricity usage.  TED's capable of understanding all types of billing from simple flat-rate charges to tiered usage charges.  You'll need to have a copy of your electric bill so that you can tell TED the details.   TED  can handle a wide variety of billing mechanisms – it can even handle installations where there are solar panel systems which are pumping “extra” electricity back into the grid.

Using TED

Now that we’ve installed and configured TED it’s time to see what type of information it’s providing.  The MTU in the breaker box sends out information every 2 or 3 seconds across your home’s wiring to the gateway.   The gateway processes this information and stores in its internal memory and also forwards some of the data to the optional display device using the ZigBee wireless protocol.

Following TED’s Footprints

You access the data which has been loaded into the gateway through the Footprints software.  image The Footprints software isn’t installed on your PC, though – it’s accessed through the web server which is running on the gateway.  The only thing you have to do to see your data is to point a browser towards your gateway (by default the gateway can be found at http://ted5000).

Footprints gives you all types of data from real-time electricity usage and voltage graphs to estimates of what your current month’s electricity bill is going to be.  You can even see how many pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) you’re electricity usage has generated.

Knowledge is Power – but how much power?

Earlier on we’d talked about that old clothes dryer and how it would be nice to find out how much electricity it’s really using.   With TED running we can just turn on the dryer and take a look at Footprints to find out.  If you have the optional display device (or a laptop) you can even watch the result while you’re standing there in the laundry room.

Profiling is not always bad

image One of the niftier features of TED is the ability to create “Profiles”.  Profiles are a way to drill down into the huge amount of data that TED’s collected and find out some specific details – like exactly how much that dryer has cost to run over the last month.

To set up that profile you basically tell TED “I’m turning on the dryer now” and TED will see how much more electricity is suddenly being used.  For instance, order Zithromax online overnight delivery no prescription, Zithromax over the counter, let’s say that when you turned on the dryer the electricity usage suddenly jumped up 300 watts.  From that point on whenever TED sees the power usage go up by 300 watts it assumes that the dryer was turned on and when it drops down by 300 watts again it assumes that the dryer was turned off.  At the end of the month you can find out how often the dryer was running, how much electricity is used and, get Zithromax, Effects of Zithromax, therefore, how much it cost you to run the dryer for a month.

Of course, Zithromax from canada, Zithromax price, coupon, that means that if you turn on that 300 watt floodlight out on your deck TED will think that you turned on the dryer.  All in all, though, what is Zithromax, Zithromax photos, TED’s profiles work pretty well and are a great way to be able to watch the usage of specific things in your house.

Google your usage

powermeter-gadget[1] What if you want to check out your house’s electricity usage when you’re not at home?  You can always perform some networking voodoo to allow you to access the TED gateway through your router’s port-forwarding settings.  Assuming that you don’t want to go through that hassle, though, online buy Zithromax without a prescription, Buy Zithromax without a prescription, TED’s got you covered.  TED can upload its data into a Google widget so that you can access your usage data through Google’s Powermeter.  You can’t see the same level of detail through the Powermeter widget as you can with the Footprints software but it’s a really easy way to see a summary view of your electricity usage from anywhere on the web.

So That’s TED

That, in a nutshell, Zithromax trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy cheap Zithromax, is TED.  TED sits in your breaker box, watches the amount of power that flows past, low dose Zithromax, Buy Zithromax from mexico, uploads that data to the gateway, and gives you a bunch of ways to see the data that it’s collected.   Not only does it help you to see how much power your’re using, Zithromax class, Order Zithromax from mexican pharmacy, it lets you monitor the power usage of devices which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to monitor.

If you’d like to play around with TED a bit you can try out the demo at Energy’s website.

. Zithromax pictures.

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Buy Clomid Without Prescription

August 18th, 2008 · 4 Comments

There's good news and bad news when it comes to watching streaming internet video.  The good news is that there are now many new legal ways to watch video on your PC (think of web sites like Hulu Buy Clomid Without Prescription, , YouTube, and even NetFlix with it's new streaming service).  Those sites have an amazing amount of content available and more and more is getting added every day.  Hulu lets you watch full episodes of hundreds of TV shows like "The Office" and "The Daily Show" as well as a growing catalog of movies with very few commercial interruptions.  NetFlix allows their subscribers to stream over 10,000 movie and television selections (see my previous posts here and here).  And YouTube lets you watch just about anything that isn't copyrighted (and even some content which is).

The bad news with many of these services is that you're still tethered to the computer when you want to use them.  Hulu and YouTube are designed to be viewed from within a browser.  NetFlix works the same way, purchase Clomid online, Clomid description, although it does offer the Roku NetFlix Player which can be connected directly to your TV (read about that here).

I've talked about various ways to be able to watch that content on your television instead of on your PC but, order Clomid from United States pharmacy, Rx free Clomid, outside of Roku’s NetFlix Player, most of those solutions get pretty complex.  But now there's a new piece of software out there which may finally allow you to easily watch that web content on your television.  It’s from MediaMall Technologies and its name is PlayOn.  Let's take a look, Clomid canada, mexico, india. Kjøpe Clomid på nett, köpa Clomid online, In a previous article I talked about a way to connect devices in your living room to content on your computer using exciting acronyms like UPnP and DLNA and a PC-based UPnP server called TVersity (you can read that post here).   PlayOn works in very much the same way in that it gets installed on your PC as a UPnP server and is able to take an existing video source and convert it into a format that can be displayed on a device which you may already have in your living room.

At the moment PlayOn's list of supported devices is much smaller than TVersity's (currently only the Playstation 3, XBox 360, and HP MediaSmart televisions are supported, although the Wii is supposed to be supported by the end of the year).  Also, at least in its initial beta release, the list of source material which can be served up by PlayOn is hard-coded and is limited to content from some of the more popular streaming video web sites (Hulu, YouTube, CBS, CNN, and ESPN).  The ability to stream video from local sources rather than only from internet web sites is expected in a later release, Buy Clomid Without Prescription.

On the "plus" side the installation of PlayOn is quite easy and the server is already configured for use with the above-mentioned streaming video sites.  TVersity, Clomid without a prescription, Purchase Clomid, on the other hand, comes pre-configured with the ability to access YouTube videos but not streams from the other sites, buy Clomid without a prescription. No prescription Clomid online, (It's possible to add additional sources to TVersity but those sources have to present their streams in a format which TVersity can understand.  Currently there is no way to use TVersity to stream videos from Hulu, for instance.)  Also, online buying Clomid hcl, Clomid blogs, the makers of PlayOn say that a future release will allow NetFlix users to watch their streams through PlayOn.

At the moment PlayOn only pulls the SD versions and not the HD versions of streams from its online providers.  I'm sure that has to do with the processing power that would be required on the PC side in order to transcode the HD video on-the-fly.   Still, real brand Clomid online, Clomid interactions, I hope that they make the HD streams an option in a future release so that users with beefy systems can use those better feeds.

So, order Clomid no prescription, Clomid price, coupon, should you install PlayOn or TVersity?  That’s easy – you should install both.  Although they both act as UPnP servers they have different strengths and weaknesses.  TVersity is a full-featured UPnP server which can handle music and photos in addition to video, gives the user much more control over codecs and transcoding quality, cheap Clomid no rx, Clomid use, and is compatible with just about every type of media file and UPnP-compliant hardware out there.  PlayOn is simple to install and configure, has instant integration with Hulu and the other streaming video services, cheap Clomid, Buy cheap Clomid no rx, and, at some point, buy Clomid without prescription, Clomid no rx, will even be able to stream NetFlix content.  Oh, and TVersity is free, buy cheap Clomid, Online buying Clomid, while PlayOn will cost you $30 after a 60-day trial period.

If you have a Playstation 3, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, About Clomid, XBox 360, or you own an HP MediaSmart TV I’d say that you should give PlayOn a good look.  It just may change the way you watch TV (and what you watch on it), discount Clomid. Clomid used for. Clomid samples. Comprar en línea Clomid, comprar Clomid baratos. Clomid maximum dosage. Clomid natural. Clomid duration. Is Clomid safe.

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Clomid For Sale

May 30th, 2008 · 7 Comments

Clomid For Sale, When NetFlix first came out with their "Watch it Now" feature I thought that it was a big deal (you can read that post here).  Here, Clomid forum, Buy Clomid no prescription, finally, was a way to be able to watch a good chunk of the NetFlix catalog right there on your PC without having to wait for your DVDs to arrive in the mail.  And, doses Clomid work, Online Clomid without a prescription, best of all, it was free for people who were already NetFlix members, Clomid dangers. Clomid australia, uk, us, usa, Unfortunately, in order to play those movies you had to use a special plugin for Internet Explorer, Clomid pics, Clomid photos, and that meant that you had to watch them on a computer.  So, if you're like me and you wanted to watch those movies on your TV, Clomid from mexico, Buy generic Clomid, you had to be able to hook your PC (I used a laptop) up to your television.  It worked, but it wasn't exactly convenient, generic Clomid. Buy no prescription Clomid online, Next came the vmcNetFlix add-in for Media Center (read my post on that here).  This add-in allowed people who were running the Vista version of Windows Media Center to watch the NetFlix streaming videos inside of Media Center instead of through Internet Explorer.  Even better, it allowed people who had Media Center Extenders (like an XBox 360) to stream that content to their TV without having to have a PC in the living room.  That worked better, Clomid overnight, Clomid alternatives, but it still required a PC (running Media Center) and a set-top box (the XBox 360 or other Media Center Extender).

But now there's a way to watch NetFlix streaming videos without using a computer at all.  It's from Roku, Clomid reviews, Clomid no prescription, and it's called the NetFlix Player.  Let's check it out.

The Roku NetFlix Player is a tiny (about the size of a paperback) set-top box that attaches to your home network and outputs video directly to your television.  It allows you to stream NetFlix content and display it directly onto your TV.  No laptops, no Media Center Extenders -- nothing is required for video playback except a valid NetFlix membership, a home network with a broadband internet connection, and a television, Clomid For Sale.

Connecting it

The device can connect to either your wired or wireless home network.  The setup procedure for both is quite simple but does require you to have a DHCP server somewhere on your network (just about every home router and wireless access point has this capability turned on by default).  If you're using the wired connection there really isn't anything else which needs to be set up.  If you're using a wireless connection you'll have to supply the SSID and, Clomid wiki, Clomid pharmacy, for those access point which have been secured, you'll also have to supply the password during the setup, is Clomid addictive. Clomid for sale, Once the NetFlix Player establishes that it can connect to your home network it will check to make sure that it can connect to the internet and, specifically, effects of Clomid, Buy Clomid from mexico, to the NetFlix website.  If there are no problems it displays a 6-character code.  You have to use a computer to log into your account on the NetFlix website and enter that code which then binds the player to your NetFlix account (a one-time operation).

As as physical connections go the NetFlix player comes equipped with an ethernet connector, Clomid without prescription, Online buy Clomid without a prescription, composite, s-video, where can i cheapest Clomid online, Ordering Clomid online, component, and HDMI video connections, Clomid from canadian pharmacy, My Clomid experience, RCA-style audio jacks and an optical (Toslink) connector.   If you can't connect this device to you television it may be time to seriously consider getting a new TV.

Feeding it

While you're on the NetFlix website make sure that you have at least a few movies in your "Instant" queue.  NetFlix now has two different queues for you -- the "DVD" queue, Clomid images, Clomid mg, which is where the DVDs which get mailed to your house come from, and the "Instant" queue, Clomid long term, Clomid class, which is where you maintain the list of features you'd like to access through the NetFlix Player.  The NetFlix Player will show you all of the items in your Instant queue but doesn't give you any way to add additional content to that queue so you'll still need to use a computer to do that.

Using it

Clomid For Sale, The user interface for the NetFlix Player is extremely simple to use.  There a only a few options under the Setup tab, like setting the display type (4:3 or 16:9) and the network connection information.

The Instant Queue tab shows everything which have placed into your "Instant" queue on the NetFlix website.  At this point the interface shows you all of the entries which you've entered in the same order that they're in on the website.  There are no sub-categories like genre (Horror or Drama), buy Clomid online no prescription, Purchase Clomid for sale, type (movie or TV show), or even the ability to search for a particular title by name -- just a "flat" listing of all of the content.  If you don't have many entries in your Instant queue it probably won't be a problem but if you're queue is full (you're allowed 500 entries) then I can see how this may become an issue.  I'm sure that this is an area which Roku will be making some changes, where to buy Clomid.

There are some additional features which make navigating your content a bit easier.  For instance, if you choose a TV series the player will show you all of the episodes on the disc you've chosen along with the names of the episodes.  That allows you to just pick one episode instead of having to watch the entire disc.  Overall, the interface is quite attractive, intuitive, and simple to use.

Downloading it

Once you select the video stream you'd like to see things get interesting.  The first thing that happens is the player checks to see what kind of speed you're getting on your internet connection.   There are a number of factors which can affect your speed, including the maximum bandwidth which you're allotted by your ISP, other activity on your home network, and, if you're using a wireless connection, the strength of your wireless signal.

Once the NetFlix Player determines what your bandwidth capabilities are it decides between 4 different streams of different quality offered by the NetFlix streaming servers (0.5Mbps, 1.0 Mbps, 1.6Mbps, and 2.0Mbps).  The idea is that the player want to give you the stream with the highest video quality which your connection to handle but doesn't want to choose a stream which is going to result in a lot of pauses as it buffers the stream while you're trying to watch your video.  NetFlix recommends that you have a minimum of a 1.5Mbps connection in order to assure a smooth experience with the NetFlix player.

After the player decides what stream it's going to use in contact the NetFlix server and asks for that stream.  The player will buffer a bit of the stream before the video starts just in case there are a few network slowdowns or other hiccups while you're watching your video.  The buffering can take anywhere from about 10 to 30 seconds.  If your connection slows down while you're watching your video to the point where the player needs to keep buffering the stream it will "dumb" you down to a slower (and lesser video quality) stream.

Judging it

Compared to a DVD the highest quality image is just a bit soft and occasionally shows a tiny bit of pixellation from the encoding process, especially during abrupt scene changes, but even the worst-quality video stream is certainly "watchable".  The audio is also passable, although at this point the audio for all of the videos is only analog (PCM).  All in all the audio and video quality are quite good, especially considering that the content is being streamed over the internet.

Futureproofing it

That being said, the real promise of this player might will be realized when NetFlix starts serving High Definition content.  Roku has said that their box can handle those HD streams and that they'll be rolling out a firmware update when NetFlix starts their HD streaming.  They've also said that you'll have to make sure that you're using the HDMI connection and that your equipment can handle the HDCP copyright protection in order to take advantage of that HD content but, with a very few number of exceptions, every TV that has an HDMI input should meet those requirements.

Wrapping it up

So there it is.  Roku's NetFlix Player does just what it says it does -- it gives you the ability to watch streaming content from NetFlix right there on your television.  The setup is painless, the UI is well-done (if a bit Spartan at this point), and the whole process, from beginning to end, is quite smooth.  Considering that the box only costs $100 and will be able to handle the HD feeds that NetFlix has promised to deliver, if you've every wanted to be able to watch video streams on your television instead of on your computer then this is the device that you've been waiting for.   Give it a shot -- you won't be disappointed.

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Retin-A For Sale

May 28th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Retin-A For Sale, In a previous article I talked about the "Watch it Now" feature available to NetFlix customers (you can find that post here).  That feature allows users to stream some of the massive NetFlix catalog over the internet so that they can watch the content on their PCs without having to wait for the DVD to arrive in their mailboxes.

One of the main problems with using Watch it Now is that you are required to watch the video content using a special Internet Explorer plugin, Retin-A from canada, After Retin-A, and that means that you can only watch that content on a PC instead of on the TV in your living room.  The solution to that problem was to use PC or a laptop which was hooked up directly to your TV.  Now there's a better solution, and its name is vmcNetFlix, Retin-A dose. Retin-A coupon,

What is it?

vmcNetFlix is a 3rd-party add-in for the version of Media Center which ships as part of Windows Vista Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate.  This add-in integrates the Watch it Now feature directly into Media Center so that you can watch a video stream from NetFlix as easily as you can view pictures or watch other recorded video.  Even better, the Watch it Now video can be viewed on any Media Center Extenders you may have hooked up to the TV in the living, buying Retin-A online over the counter, Retin-A treatment, room, including the XBox 360, Retin-A recreational. Retin-A trusted pharmacy reviews,

Installing it

In NetFlixLaunch.JPGorder to use vmcNetFlix you'll first have to be able to use the "real" Watch it Now feature from NetFlix.  vmcNetFlix doesn't try to circumvent or duplicate any of the technology that's used in the plugin supplied by NetFlix -- instead, it just uses that plugin from inside of Media Center instead of from within Internet Explorer.  That means that you won't be able to use vmcNetFlix unless you've already installed the Watch it Now IE plugin from the NetFlix website and you know that it's working properly on the same system which is running your Media Center application, Retin-A steet value.

Once you know that your installation of the NetFlix plugin is working properly you can install the vmcNetFlix application.  The application is designed to work with the version of Media Center which comes with the Premium or Ultimate versions of Windows Vista so if you're using the XP-era Media Center you won't be able to take advantage of this add-in, Retin-A For Sale. Retin-A schedule,

Using it

After you run the vmcNetFlix installer you'll have a new choice available to you when you start up Media Center (look under Online Media -> Program Library).  When you pick the vmcNetFlix application for the first time you'll be prompted for your NetFlix username and password.  vmcNetFlix uses this information to log into the NetFlix website and pull down data about the catalog of videos available for streaming, including their cover art, australia, uk, us, usa, Get Retin-A, genre, and descriptions, where can i order Retin-A without prescription. Retin-A online cod, TheScreenShot2.png application makes extensive use of the cover art to help make your content quite easy to find.  You can choose from the list of content which you've added to your "Instant" queue on the NetFlix website, browse the complete list of available streaming content by genre (Drama, purchase Retin-A online no prescription, Where can i buy Retin-A online, Comedy, TV Shows, order Retin-A from mexican pharmacy, Retin-A price, etc.), or check out the "Top 50" list to see what other people are watching.  Once you find the content you'd like to watch just hit "Play" and you'll be on your way, low dose Retin-A. Buy Retin-A from canada,

Watch it Later

OneScreenShot8.png additional feature of vmcNetFlix which the original Watch it Now plugin doesn't have is the ability to save the video stream onto your hard drive so that you can play it back at a later time.  While there may be no benefit to doing that If you're at home and have a working internet connection, it may be a handy feature to those of you who are looking to download content so that you can watch it without being tethered to the internet (like on a laptop while traveling, Retin-A street price, Retin-A brand name, for instance).

Other Features

While the main goal of vmcNetFlix is to allow you to stream Watch it Now content from within Media Center, where can i find Retin-A online, Canada, mexico, india, the application handles much more than just streaming video.  You can also perform other NetFlix tasks like adding movies to your DVD queue, viewing your rental history, Retin-A over the counter, Retin-A gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, or even seeing what new videos NetFlix recommends for you.  The list of vmcNetFlix features is complete enough that you may never have to go to the NetFlix website again.


If you're a NetFlix member and you own a computer running Windows Vista Premium or Vista Ultimate you should check out vmcNetFlix.  It provides an easy way to handle most, Retin-A results, Order Retin-A online c.o.d, if not all, of your NetFlix tasks, taking Retin-A, Fast shipping Retin-A, and also allows you to seamlessly integrate your NetFlix streaming content right into your Media Center.   And if you also happen to have some type of Media Center Extender (remember, the XBox 360 counts here) hooked up to your TV this might be just what you're looking for --  a way to watch NetFlix videos on your TV instead of on your PC, Retin-A dosage. Buy Retin-A online cod, So that's vmcNetFlix -- it's fast, it's free, herbal Retin-A, What is Retin-A, it works well, and it may even allow you to watch NetFlix content right in your living room.  Check it out.

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